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MODE - Multi Optical Disc Emulator


MODE - Multi Optical Disc Emulator


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Introducing MODE (Multi Optical Disc Emulator) for SEGA Saturn & Dreamcast!

Compatible with Saturn and Dreamcast, same firmware for both systems. Compatible with both 20 pin and 21 pin Saturn consoles. Compatible with both 5v (VA0) and 3,3v (VA1) Dreamcast (proper voltage level conversion)

Auto region patching (loads games from different regions without patching games).
Auto detects the console it's plugged into. No jumpers to configure.
SATA 2.5 HDD compatible with exfat (works with both hard drives and SSD drives).
USB for USB thumbdrives and powered USB hard drives.

100% compatible with all Saturn and Dreamcast games!

Compatible with Redump and Tosec images (for both Dreamcast/Saturn).
Compatible with CDI, GDI, CCD, MDF, bin/iso+cue images.
Plug and play, no soldering required!
2 User interfaces: Simple list view and Advanced Cover Art.
Supports multiple Disc games.
Zero seek times providing faster load times.
Supports Mpeg card, ActionReplay/PseudoSaturnKai, Saturn RAM cart compatible.
DC Digital, DreamPSU and PicoPSU compatible.

Tech Data:

  • 32-bit MCU at 168MHz with 192KB RAM

  • High performance FPGA for accurate data transfer speeds

  • USB 2.0 High Speed PHY for high transfer speed from SATA & USB

  • Full speed Memory card interface supporting up to 12MB/s

  • SATA to USB 2.0 bridge for high speed SATA hard disk access

  • Level translators to properly convert signal levels, and support Dreamcast VA0

  • Saturn 20pin and 21pin interface with mainboard autodetection

  • User IO connector for expansion, and support custom interface boards

  • Reset generation and Region selection for Saturn



MODE Expansion Harnesses Available Here:
MODE Plug N' Play Power Boards for Sega Saturn Install Available Here:

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