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Super SD System 3


Super SD System 3


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The ultimate accessory for PC Engine. Flashcart, RGB output and CD-ROM emulation and all System Cards.

Super SD System 3 connects to your PC Engine console by means of the expansion port (also compatible with Core Grafx, Core Grafx2 and Super Grafx models) emulating not only CD-ROM units but also System Cards, while at the same time it provides high-quality RGB video output.

Compatible with PC Engine, Core Grafx, Core Grafx 2 and Super Grafx systems

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You won´t find anything like it on the market!

A simple and intuitive interface, compatible with CD-ROM (.cue) and HuCard (.pce) images. Integrated System Cards for CD-ROM2, Super CD-ROM2 and Arcade CD-ROM2 systems. You can play any of your games with no need for the System Card or the original accessory. Super SD System 3 lets you save games directly on the MicroSD card memory, which means you have a virtually endless capacity with no need for any other accessories. Thanks to the integrated RAM memory, loading games is practically instantaneous for ROMs in .pce (HuCards) format and much faster than usual with ISOs (.cue) for CD-ROM titles. 

Compatible with high-capacity MicroSD cards (over 128 GB). RGB AV output, with composite video and stereo sound (Mini DIN connector compatible with the Mega Drive 2 cable). Software can be updated free of charge.

Super SD System 3
Dec 7, 2017

The Super SD System 3 - World's BEST flashcart and optical disc emulator for the PC Engine.
May 24, 2019

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