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Super HD System3 PRO


Super HD System3 PRO


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The ultimate add-on to get the best from your PC ENGINE!

Featuring an easy to use menu supporting CD (.cue) and HuCard (.pce) images. Built-in System Cards for CD-ROM2, Super CD-ROM2 and Arcade CD-ROM2 games. Play any CD game without needing to have a System Card plugged in. Stores each game backup RAM to MicroSD allowing infinite game saves. No need for additional storage accessories. Instantaneous HuCard loads, using onboard RAM memory. Faster loading times than actual CD Hardware. In-Game menu trigger for faster game switch.

Plays CD-ROM2, Super CD-ROM2, Arcade CD-ROM2, HuCard and SuperGrafx Games! Supergrafx Game support (plays Supergrafx hucard rom images from SD card).

Tech Data:

  • HD Video Out 480p and 720p

  • AV Multiout with RGB output from digital and Stereo Audio

  • Supergrafx Game support

  • Loads Open Source FPGA Cores from MicroSD

  • MicroUSB developer port

  • MDFourier Balanced Audio

  • Physical switch for In Game Trigger

  • MicroSD slot compatible with large SD Card support ( > 256GB)

Terraonion FPGA Direct 2021 - Announcing the Super HD System 3 Pro !
May 28, 2021

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