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The first flash cartridge for Neo Geo MVS. Compatible with any Neo Geo game

NeoSD MVS is the first flash cartridge available on the market for the legendary NeoGeo MVS arcade board. Compatible with all the official catalogue, in addition to any homebrew game, this is the perfect device for getting everything you can out of your favourite system.




Compatible with any game for NeoGeo AES. Includes plastic casing and sticker for cartridge. Play any game with the SD card in your original game console.


Find out all about NeoSD MVS!


You won´t find anything like it on the market!


• Top-quality hardware. 768 MB flash memory, enough to save any game on the market. ARM Cortex M4 processor at 168MHz, 1 MB flash memory and 128 MB RAM. Mounting two Lattice XP2 FPGAs


• A simple and intuitive graphic interface, fast menu browsing. You can filter your games by genre or create your own lists of favourites. You can access the menu from the game screen by means of a simple combination of customizable buttons.


• Compatible with any MVS board model, including multi-slot boards.


• Runs unpatched games, emulating the protections of the original cartridges


• The perfect complement for homebrew developers. Lets homebrew games access the features of expanded hardware (banking on S ROM, increasing bank area space)

• Regular cartridge software updates free of charge.


• You can choose the game region with no need for any other accessory; it is also compatible with Universe BIOS (UniBIOS). Compatible with boards from any region, allowing AES mode gameplay with no need to modify the BIOS.





ARM Cortex M4 processor. 768 Mbit flash memory. Compatible with MicroSD cards of over 32 GB capacity. Software can be updated free of charge


All the necessary tools are included to convert your games into a compatible format, for both homebrew developments and testing. As for loading times when it comes to playing, we should not forget that there will only be such times when we change from one game to another. By default, when the system starts up the last game loaded on the cartridge flash memory is shown, as it is not volatile. Once the ROM is loaded into the NeoSD memory, it behaves as if it were an original game.


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